Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing of PVC wires, Armoured Cables and Flexibles is given as the following stages:
Stage 1 : Copper / aluminium Drawing & Annealing :
Electrolytic copper / aluminium purchased from Hindustan Copper Ltd./ HINDALCO is drawn to wires of different sizes viz. 20 SWG/18.5 SWG/22 SWG/1.04mm/0.2 MM .2mm/0.3mm etc. as per the requirement.
Drawn copper / aluminium is then annealed in a furnace for two days and then delivered in bobbins or in coil form.

Stage II : PVC Compound Manufacturing.
PVC Compound is manufactured using extrusion process in a compounding extruder and then cut into small pellets or granules.

Stage III Manufacturing :

1. Bunching: Several strands, 0.2mm or 0.3mm copper / aluminium wire are then bunched together in the bunching machine to form the specific size.
2. Parsing: The bunched material is then rewinded and checked for loose strands.
3. Core process: PVC insulation of the required thickness and diameter is provided over the parsed copper / aluminium wire to form cores. Here the cores are checked for pinholes in the insulation by the on line spark tester.
4. Laying Up: The cores of different colours are then rewinded into small bobbins and twisting or stranding is done on the stranding machine.
5. Inner Sheath: A PVC Inner sheath is applied over the laid up cores in either wrapped tape form or extruded form.
6. Armouring: After inner sheath armouring is done by twisting GI Wires / Strips over the inner sheath
  Outer sheath: Finally a PVC coating is provided in the PVC extruder machine. The material is the inspected and tested thoroughly in the testing laboratory and then duly packed and delivered.
Stages I & II are at present accomplished through selected quality manufacturers outside, stage III is then carried out within our factory premises.
Raw material Procurement Process :
The basic raw materials copper / aluminium wires and PVC compound are acquired in finished format from selected quality manufacturers, the materials being manufactured with required specifications and upto desired grade.

The Copper / aluminium Wire is tested according to following test before taking into production :

1. Annealing Test : This test is performed on the tensile tester to check the annealing properties of the copper / aluminium wire.
2. The outer diameter of the copper / aluminium wire is measured through micrometer screw gauge and checked for the required dimension.
Both the PVC Compound and Copper / aluminium Wire are visually inspected and verified before taking into production.

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